Per Diem MRI Technologist

Kaiser Permanente - Harbor City, CA

Under general supervision & utilizing Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment, produces diagnostic quality cross-sectional images of the human anatomy & vasculature for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes. Performs MR imaging protocols & operates hardware & technical parameters in order to maximize MR image quality & acquire images that can be utilized by physicians in order to diagnose diseases. Provide functional direction to assigned staff.

Essential Functions:

- Explains procedures to patients to reduce anxieties & obtain patient cooperation.

- Demonstrates an understanding of the cognitive, physical, emotional & chronological maturation process in delivery of services to patients of the age group served.

- Identifies the impact of cultural diversity & lifestyle choices on patient condition & makes accommodations for such differences.

- Utilizes proper body mechanics.

- Documents clinical activities in a timely, comprehensive, & accurate manner.

- Observes all organizational, regional, medical service area & Diagnostic Imaging Department policies & procedures.

- Maintains standards of professional behavior established to enhance quality of service. Utilizes effective communication skills.

- Demonstrates behavior that meets established standards for professionalism in all interactions with patients & staff.

- Maintains equipment, supplies & work area in accordance with department guidelines.

- Provides training & orientation to new MRI technologists & training of MRI technologists.

- Assists other technologists as needed.

- Performs MRI studies according to established imaging protocols including but not limited to placing specified coil close to the area of interest.

- Explains to patients the magnetic resonance imaging procedures, address patient concerns, and, exhibits high degree of tact, courtesy & poise when interacting with patients, staff

& visitors.

- Ensures patient & staff safety which includes explaining safety protocol, requesting removal of hazardous metal objects, and, alerting staff the danger of carrying metal around magnet.

- Performs all routine aspects of MRI procedures, including but not limited to QC, start-up procedures, signal-to-noise test scans, program/sequence selection, contrast injection, & image processing.

- Operates various x-ray & imaging control consoles, portable units, tube assemblies, lock systems, collimators, filters & tubes in order to perform diagnostic radiographic procedures & exams including- but not limited to -gastro-intestinal exams, plain radiography in areas such as operating room, urology & emergency department urology & emergency department.

- Operates auxiliary imaging equipment such as - but not limited to - tomographic units, Buckies, image intensifiers, spot film devices, video monitors, CR equipment, digital imaging, C-arms & portable units.

- Prepares & administers the appropriate oral, intestinal & I.V. contrast media or as appropriate, assists the radiologist with I.V. Contrast administration.

- Ensures that correct & required patient identification information & left or right marker appears on all images.

- Centers tube & film to area of interest.

- Utilizes appropriate photo-timing, mill-amperes (MA), kilovoltage (KVP), seconds, distance, collimation, intensifying screens, film speed & grids in order to produce diagnostic quality images which demonstrate the area(s) of interest & exhibit acceptable contrast, density & detail.

- Explains the exam/procedure to the patient in order to solicit cooperation & obtain patient understanding.

- Assesses the patient's history & overall condition & makes the necessary modifications in technique and/or positioning to compensate for pathology or other considerations.

- This job description is not all encompassing.

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