Rockstar Administrator Assistant

ELITE RACQUET SPORTS - Los Angeles, CA 90064
$13 an hour

Seeking a Rockstar Administrative Assistant to be the foundation of our new lifestyle brand and serve as a critical support role managing our company culture and maintaining the office vibe. They will be an integral part of our business teams, and need to exhibit the right skillset to support our fun and cool work culture.


  • *Adept in Technology

*Having the technological skills necessary to perform necessary tasks and having a thorough understanding of computer software, browsers, and operating systems in order to perform the job.

  • *Verbal & Written Communication

*Strong communication skills.The company needs to know they can trust you to be the face and voice of other employees and even the company. This includes handling incoming correspondence from customers, suppliers, or partners in a timely and professional manner. Important to have a friendly and positive attitude when interacting with customers, guests, and other employees.

  • *Organization

*Strong organization skills to keep the whole office organized. This includes organizing team schedules, events, and files with a system that makes sense for everyone. Everyone has different systems and methods to keep organized, but one MUST have this meticulous skill.

  • *Time Management

*Good time management skills. Ability to accurately plan tasks and assign the proper time they will take.

  • *Strategic Planning

*Needs the skill of being able to plan strategically. This means prioritizing tasks in order of importance or planning out processes for the entire office to follow. Planning skills to arrange employee and executive calendars when unexpected cancellations or changes arise.

  • *Resourcefulness

*Ability to adapt quickly to get the job done and assist teammates. Needs to be resourceful in getting their tasks done through multi-tasking and creative thinking skills. Ability to explore other avenues to reach a solution.

  • *Detail-Oriented

*In handling sensitive client or partner communications, individual needs to be detail-oriented to catch potential typos and grammatical errors. Having an eye for detail helps with data entry tasks and reporting to ensure that work is accurate and trustworthy.

  • *Foresight and Anticipation

*Ability to anticipate needs and complete important tasks without needing to be asked. An amazing assistant will take initiative to support the business instead of waiting around for approval or direction and needing constant supervision. Having the ability to anticipate the solution before the problem even becomes a problem.

  • Creative Problem Solving

Having the creativity and the ability to improvise to keep things on point.

  • Proper Etiquette

Having good manners and etiquette in our upscale space and luxury partnerships.

  • Emotional Intelligence

Having the knack for understanding and even influencing emotions in ourselves and others. Ability to make people easy to work with, manage the emotions of others, makes conflict resolution a breeze, and makes stress easier to manage.

  • Grit

Resiliency. Being strong enough to stand up to any situation. A rockstar Admin doesn’t crumble under pressure. The best ones persevere, rise to the occasion and get the job done. That’s true grit.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $13.00 /hour


  • Customer Service: 2 years (Required)
  • Administrative Assistant: 2 years (Required)
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