Final Inspector/Packer

YKK - Macon, GA


Inspect zippers for defects; verify correct item and order is being shipped to customers. Pack zippers into finished goods boxes, make labels and attach paperwork for shipping department.


Verify the color versus the job card. Use color book at work station, as well as the sample attached to job card. Verify the length versus the job card. Verify the quantity in each box by using scale. Verify the slider is correct in each

box by using the Slider Catalog located at workstation. Verify the item is has correct insertion versus the job card. If defect is found, return box with non-conforming tag to inspection and packing workstation. Complete a "Return Materials for Defect" form and notify management. Scan for outside labels and DC sheet and place them in box to ship. Each box is stamped and approved by the Final Packer. Must be able to stoop/bend, reach/stretch, distinguish color, use scale/read ruler, and lift up to 75 lbs.

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