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B777 | CAPTAIN | China Southern

Rishworth Aviation on behalf of our client China Southern are now accepting applications from B777 Captains Type Rated & Non Type Rated for the placement of B777 Captains Type Rated & Non Type Rated on a 4 years renewable contract with China Southern.

B777 China Southern Contract

Presently they have an urgent requirement for B777 Captains offering very attractive terms and conditions:

Contract Term: 4 years renewable - Type Rated & Non Type Rated!

Location/Base: Guangzhou, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Auckland, Vancouver, London (Please enquire about the available bases on your fleet)

Ref #: 988

Aircraft Type: B777

B777 Minimum Requirements

  • Total Time:
    5000+ hours (excl SIM time)
  • Total PIC time: 2000+ hours on Jets over 50 tons (MTOW)
  • Boeing PIC time: 500+ hours on B787/B777/B744; OR
  • Boeing PIC time: 1000+ hours on 737NG
  • Last Flight: Last flight as PIC on relevant type within 180 days
  • Age: If B787/777 type rated - under 57 years at date of initial screening;
  • Age: If B747 type rated - under 56 years at date of initial screening;
  • Age: If 737NG type rated - under 50 years at date of initial screening


Excellent Pay, Great Roster Pattern, Extensive Worldwide network for Commuting, Worldwide Expatriate Medical Insurance provided free to you and more!

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Attention - In the recruitment process, legitimate companies never withdraw fees from candidates. If there are companies that attract interview fees, tests, ticket reservations, etc. it is better to avoid it because there are indications of fraud. If you see something suspicious please contact us: [email protected]