General Clerk/Covid 19 Screener

Northside Hospital - Stockbridge, GA

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To meet the changing needs of our community and promote a safe environment for our patients and staff during the COVID pandemic, this position will be responsible for managing the facility’s entrances. This includes screening patients for COVID exposure and symptoms, checking temperatures, limiting the number of guests, ensuring everyone entering is wearing a mask, and politely but firmly denying entry, if someone is suspected of COVID exposure.

We are looking for COVID door screeners at our OP Oncology clinics.

  • 35-40 hours/week.
  • Reliability is critical in order to serve our community during this important time.
  • Duration of this project is unknown.
  • This position will be temporary.
  • Some medical industry experience preferred, but not required.
Position Requirements


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Serves as initial patient contact, greets patients, visitors and employees in a polite, welcoming, and helpful manner.
  • Verbally reviews updated COVID screening questions directly to anyone entering the building, including staff, vendors, and patients.
  • Politely, but firmly denies entry to anyone suspected of COVID exposure.
  • Administers and interprets the temperature of all individuals utilizing infrared and/or oral thermometers, according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • Ensures 100% of the people entering the facility are wearing a mask.
  • Limits guests and vendors entering the facility. Only disabled patients or parents without options may have a guest.
  • Ensures social distancing is maintained and manage the flow and volume of people entering the facility and where they are going; coordinating with the front desk and lab staff.
  • Stays up to date with changing COVID safety requirements (state, local and federal) requirements
  • Reports and documents any suspected COVID exposures and anyone denied entry directly to supervisor immediately.
  • Wears PPE as required to ensure safety.
  • Sanitizes working area and lobby.
  • Provides exceptional customer service.

License/Certification Requirements: No

Work Hours: 8:30a-5p

Weekend Requirements: No

On-Call Requirements: No
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