Welder 2nd Shift -Monday - Thursday

T.D. Williamson - Tulsa, OK

Welder 2nd Shift -Monday - Thursday


Night shift Welder II

Individual(s) must be able to pass X-Ray test on GTAW (tig), FCAW (flux core), and GMAW (mig). A minimum 1-2 years of welding experience is preferred for Level 1A entry. No Shop experience (Trade School) for Level 1B entry. This standard establishes the minimum requirements for qualification and certification as a: Level 1A: Entry Level Welder with T. D. Williamson (1-2 yrs. exp.) Level 1B: Entry Level Welder with T. D. Williamson (Trade School) or no experience.


An individual employed in this position is considered to possess a prerequisite amount of knowledge, attitude, predictable, receptive, procedural tasks involving motor skills and limited theoretical knowledge while working under close supervision. As a welder, you must be able to pass 2G plate test per T.D. Williamson’s specifications as well as be able to work well in a fast-paced production environment.

Training should consist of the following:

  • Read & Understand Print dimensions, finding WPS, FITUP Welding with GTAW, FCAW, GMAW, AND SAW.
  • During 90 day training period, the employee will work with a qualified welder for a minimum of two weeks.
  • This welders performance will be evaluated at 30 days, 60 days and 90 days to check on the welders development.
  • The welder’s performance review must be sent to Human Resources every 30 days. At the 90 day mark a decision will be made to retain or dismiss the employee.
  • Welders cannot move in to a Combination Welder Level II position unless all criteria below has been met and marked off.

Other requirements of the Level 1/Entry Level Welder role include:

  • SAFETY – Employee must wear all required(PPE) Personal Protective Equipment and MUST ABIDE TO ALL TDW (HSE) Health Safety Environment requirements.
  • Ability to safely light and use gas torches.
  • Ability to safely operate various types of hand
  • Ability to safely operate cranes with good safe knowledge of lifting and rigging procedures.
  • X-RAY QUALITY – Must obtain an 95% acceptance.
  • INTRO to FITUP – Welder must understand TWO-HOLE alignment / TWO-HOLE fit up which is used and understood by welders associated in the pipe line industry.
  • How to use a combination square and level to measure and fit up for concentricity alignment.
  • READING PRINTS – Must understand print dimensional locations and tolerances along with weld symbols.
  • LOCATING, UNDERSTANDING, and FOLLOWING (WPS) Weld Procedure Specifications.
  • Must be able to produce a visually acceptable weld/part press T010 standards.
  • Must know how to legibly sill fill out a TDW fitting record.
  • 30 day evaluation - 60 day evaluation - 90 day evaluation
  • Welder has passed all the above and shall move to Combination Welder Level II


Welder II

  • An Individual employed in this position is considered to possess a prerequisite amount of knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits required to perform procedural tasks under general supervision, and complex tasks involving the use of theoretical knowledge and motor skills under close supervision.
  • Must be able to complete all tasks of Level 1 welders in other assigned work areas.
  • Must maintain a high X-Ray percentage of 98% acceptance (for ALL 4 WELD PROCESSES).
  • Must be able to perform a complete fit up for work area.
  • Must be able to make weld repair per T.D. Williamson’s specifications.

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