Confidential Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Mercer County Special Services School District - Township of Hamilton, NJ 08690

JOB TITLE: Confidential Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Reports to: Assistant Superintendent – MCSSSD

Supervises: Support staff as designated by the Assistant Superintendent

Salary Guide: Salary and benefits as determined by the Board of Education, full-time, 12-month, non-affiliated position

Job Goal: Provides direct administrative support to the Assistant Superintendent in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the office; resolves administrative problems and inquiries; composes, edits and proofreads correspondence and reports and prepares a range of administrative documents in order to maintain an efficient office to support and devote maximum attention to the operation of the educational administration of the district; performs other duties as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent.


  • High school diploma and two (2) years post-secondary training or graduation from a recognized school of secretarial skills; or five (5) years job experience of successful employment as an executive or administrative assistant;
  • Demonstrate competence in an executive office environment and excellent public relations and communication skills;
  • Demonstrates effective use of Microsoft Office Suite including spreadsheets, databases, complex documents and tables;
  • Experience with other software programs desired;
  • Demonstrates a high-level support for a variety of programs and services including handling confidential and sensitive information and providing in-depth responses and/or research to respond to inquiries;
  • Demonstrates effective verbal, written communication and positive interpersonal skills;
  • Demonstrates the ability to keep accurate records, work independently and display outstanding organizational skills;
  • Ability to solve practical problems and deals with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists;
  • Ability to expedite, delegate and schedule work efficiently;
  • Demonstrates familiarity with the operation of a school district;
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Assistant Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable.


  • Coordinate and process all Applications for Admission of new students including scheduling of intake, collection of required documentation, scheduling transportation and entering into Realtime database.
  • Maintain and track Pending Placement and Disenrollment/Decline Placement Google Docs to be shared with Assistant Superintendent and building principals.
  • Assist the Assistant Superintendent with Frontline Professional Growth and Development database. This includes the preparation of scheduling all certified staff observations, entering certified staff into database, maintaining deadline schedule of the completion of all non-tenured and tenured staff observations as per the Staff Observation. Update Frontline Professional Growth and Development database for summative score reports required for district submission to NJ SMART and roll-over of the Frontline Professional Growth and Development database for the start of the new school year.
  • Coordinate and prepare report for the annual Recalibration Meeting for the Assistant Superintendent.
  • Schedule, prepare agendas and provide meeting notes of all meetings scheduled by the Assistant Superintendent.
  • Coordinate the annual Handle With Care Recertification program for district staff responsible for training building staff members each year.
  • Coordinate the annual Governor’s Educator of the Year (GEOY) Recognition Program and the annual Superintendent’s Paraprofessional of the Year Award Program.
  • Responsible for creating and distributing yearly district survey sent via Constant Contact to all sending school districts’ Superintendents and Directors of Special Services.
  • Coordinate district wide staff development day along with Assistant Superintendent and Supervisors of Student Services for September prep days. Provide support for the three Staff Development trainings held three times per year (trainings are building based along with district required trainings). Track/log professional development hours for all certificated staff members.

Prepare Certificates of Attendance, attendance records and workshop evaluation forms for all district professional development trainings. Organize/coordinate out of district guest speakers for district wide Staff Development day(s).

  • Assist the Assistant Superintendent to ensure implementation of programs in accordance with Administrative Code.
  • Assist the Assistant Superintendent to ensure all curriculum is up to date and in accordance with Administrative Code.
  • Communicate with principals and supervisors on behalf of the Assistant Superintendent to assist in completion of collaborative projects.
  • Assist the Assistant Superintendent to implement an effective system for the recruitment and selection of professional personnel for the Student Services Office and Grant Programs.
  • Oversee all Community and Student volunteers and all field placements and clinical placements for college students.
  • Prepare/oversee completion and board approval of all Affiliation Agreements between MCSSSD and colleges/universities each year.
  • Request board approval of all college students requesting placement to complete coursework for college credit. Coordinate schedules with mentoring staff.
  • Track/log all certificated staff’s professional development workshop requests. Responsible for gathering necessary paperwork, entering PD day into Frontline/AESOP and entering purchase order for reimbursement to staff. If required, submit for approval al monthly Board of Education meeting.
  • Assist District Test Coordinator in coordinating all statewide testing including DLM and NJSLA. This includes gathering demographic information to pre-ID all students participating in testing and provide assistance in registering students for testing. Receive Individual Student Test Results from statewide testing and provide copies for the families, student file and Building Test Coordinators for reporting purposes.
  • Prepare Contract for Services for Community Resource requests for related services and/or assessments. Calculate and enter all billing for Community Resource Program.
  • Assist/Support three Mercer County grants – Project Child Clinic, Project ADULTS and Special Child Health Program. Run monthly budget reports for grants and enterprise programs and track spending during each quarter. Prepare quarterly reports and enter quarterly invoicing for grants for review/approval by grant supervisor. Prepare applications for Mercer County grant renewals including program and budget reports.
  • Pull together and prepare draft of Monthly Report for submission to the Superintendent’s Office. Monthly report includes Assistant Superintendent’s Office, Admissions, Marketing, Special Programs and Grants.
  • Prepare materials for outreach activities including brochures and handouts.
  • Communicate with all levels of professional staff working for MCSSSD.
  • Communicate with administrators and staff members from resident school districts.
  • Track attendance for all staff working on special projects, including hours worked each week for quarterly submission.
  • Serve as a liaison to the Technology Office; responsible for submitting all work orders and requests with regard to technology for Assistant Superintendent’s office, Student Services and Grant programs.
  • Prepare scheduling information and correspondence for the Project Child Clinic Program.
  • Field telephone inquiries from parents, school district personnel and state monitors.
  • Track timesheets and monthly reports from staff.
  • Enter invoices and purchase orders.
  • Maintain detailed binders for each grant and service agreement.
  • Maintain confidential records for the Assistant Superintendent’s Office.
  • Maintain all equipment/computer inventory for Assistant Superintendent’s Office.
  • Complete all correspondence.
  • Handle/distribute all incoming and outgoing mail.

Additional Responsibilities:

Perform all other job-related duties as signed by the Assistant Superintendent or his/her designee.

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