Associa - La Quinta, CA

Dishwasher is to wash and properly and store all cooking utensils, china equipment, flatware and glassware.

  • Washes all wares in dishwashing machine or by hand according to the highest sanitation standards.
  • Polishes all silverware, platters, and chafing dishes
  • Collects trash from kitchen areas, empties garbage cans, washes and re-alines with new bags. Breaks down boxes, crates and removes debris.
  • Examines garbage for misplaced silverware, dishes, glassware and other reusable items.
  • Washes and polishes all stainless steel in the kitchen including shelves, dish cabinets, ice machines, coffee area, refrigerators, walk-ins, etc.
  • Washes an cleans receiving trash and other kitchen related areas.
  • Sweeps and mops kitchen floors.
  • Stores all dishes and other wares in the proper areas.
  • Cleans dish machine and dish area after each meal period.
  • Performs other tasks such as assisting in food preparation, storing food after delivery and cleaning coolers, freezers and storerooms.
  • Maintains inventory of soaps, chemicals and paper towels.
  • Must be able to lift up to 75lbs.
  • Must be able to work long hours (5 or more) standing on their feet.
  • Willing to be exposed to temperatures below zero and above 100 degree F.
  • Assists with other duties as instructed by the Sous Chef and the Executive Chef.
  • Maintains security and safety in work areas.
  • Continuously inspects floors in kitchen areas to assure they remain clean, clear of debris and dry.
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