Essay Editor - Seeking Medical School Students (Part-time, remote)

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Job details Salary $25 an hour Job Type Part-time Number of hires for this role 2 Full Job Description

Are you a current medical school student with knowledge to share with aspiring medical school candidates? We are seeking an essay editor with knowledge of the medical school application process, including direct medical (BS/MD) admissions.

This is a part-time, remote position. The essay editor will use desktop-sharing meetings to work with students. This position provides the opportunity to counsel students and their parents, manage individual projects, and work as part of a highly motivated and dynamic team.

This is a 1099 position (independent contractor)

Initial salary $25/hr during a 4-6-month training period. All essay coaches are paired with senior college counselors to help guide them through our proprietary process and offer support. Increased rate to $30/hr after the training/mentorship period ends and essay coaches feel confident working more independently with students. We want to make sure the essay coaches feel supported and that this is a good fit for both parties. Our goal is to hire for a long-term position on the team.


The ideal candidate possesses the following:

  • Bachelor's degree required. Current medical students or BS/MD students progressing to medical school are the ideal candidates.
  • Strong writing/editing skills, mastery in the narrative form of writing. Essays are a huge piece of the college application; candidates must be strong writers and have the ability to guide students in crafting an engaging story. Our editing process is detailed and goes far beyond adding a few commas.
  • Tech-savvy. Google Docs, Google Drive, and Zoom required.
  • The ability to frequently stay on top of email communication and respond to student/parent inquiries in a timely manner (less than 24 hours response time), weekends included. Must check email and reply daily. If you check email once every 2 or 3 days this is not the job for you. If you do not do email on the weekends, this is also not the job for you.
  • Flexibility: nights and weekend availability are required. Counselors often work weekends and evenings to advise students. This is not a 9-5 job. This job has a great deal of flexibility, however, counselors must work around the student's schedule.
  • Must be able to commit to 10 hours a week minimum. The student caseload is flexible and many essay coaches work more than 10 hours a week. Since this job is cyclical, the hours vary, with the busiest time being in the fall/winter and the slow season being spring/early summer. Please note - this job is part-time and we cannot guarantee 40 hours a week. Hours vary week-by-week.
  • The counselor must not work for a direct competitor, meaning a for-profit company focused on medical school admissions and BS/MD admissions.
  • Willingness to participate in webinars. We use this as a marketing tool for prospective students. Each of our webinars attracts hundreds of students. Students often request essay coaches based on seeing them host a webinar.
  • A can-do attitude - we are a small team and many of us wear numerous hats. A willingness to learn new things/software/processes is essential.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team. The team has group calls where we learn from each other and discuss strategies for our students; an openness to learn and grow is needed.

All candidates will be required to submit writing samples before being interviewed. Since a large part of this job involves essay editing, the ideal candidate will have numerous examples to share, including:

  • A before/after essay edit
  • A writing sample (blog post, newsletter, article, etc)

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $25.00 per hour


  • Night shift
  • Weekend availability

Application Question(s):

  • To ensure ease of communication, please list your email address here:
  • If you have a LinkedIn profile, please list it here:
  • If you have a personal website or business website, please list it here:
  • Are you seeking part-time employment? This is a part-time position that fluctuates in hours based on the admissions cycle, typically hours range from 10 to 25 hours per week, depending on the month and student caseload. How would these hours fit into your schedule?

Work Location: Remote

Attention - In the recruitment process, legitimate companies never withdraw fees from candidates. If there are companies that attract interview fees, tests, ticket reservations, etc. it is better to avoid it because there are indications of fraud. If you see something suspicious please contact us: [email protected]