Medical Records Clerk

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  • Provide Medical Records support services for Critical Care Nursing Department at U.S Naval Hospital, Guam.
  • Assemble initial patient treatment record, utilizing Composite Health Care (CHCS) and Automated Data System (ADS).
  • Perform medical records functions such as basic analysis, compiling data, retrieving and reviewing medical records to determine completeness, internal consistency of the record and presence of all required forms and signatures.
  • Maintain record and monitor concurrently all actions taken pertaining to receiving and routing of clinical records.
  • Organize records in proper medical format using from number and treatment date and review all medical documents forwarded to the medical records divisions for filling to ensure completeness.
  • File incoming medical documents into the outpatient medical records using the terminal digit filing system ensuring that each document properly denotes complete patient identification data and the placement of each document within the outpatient medical records in accordance with standing Military Treatment Facility (MTF) instruction, area branch Medical Clinic policies and Joint Commission (JC).
  • Identify correct location of the outpatient medical record through computerized tracking system. Pull medical records three (3) days in advance of upcoming appointments.
  • Greet beneficiaries; verify DEERS eligibility status and direct member to medical records for any changes to demographic information within the Composite Healthcare System (CHCS).
  • Check beneficiaries into CHCS appointments, walk-in patients when appropriate, generate telephone consultations, etc. and retrieve data from CHCS, AHLTA, Essentris and other appropriate computer systems for beneficiary records.
  • Schedule medical appointments in CHCS for eligible beneficiaries. Assist beneficiaries with basic questions regarding TRICARE to determine eligibility of beneficiaries.
  • For outpatient services, pull records from file for appointments and consolidate program examination into one examination packet, and place in the appointment out-basket.
  • From rough drafts placed in a designated in-basket, type memoranda, medical consultations and other material containing specialized medical terminology in final form; proof-read and deliver to the originator.
  • Responsible assembling initial patient treatment and beneficiary forms utilizing CHCS and Automated Data Systems. Review records for completeness, assemble forms and ensuring documents with test results are appropriately delivered to correct personnel for review and documentation.
  • Provide basic statistical reports, filing, copying phone calling, document control, data management and liaison between the patient, clinic and hospital staff.

Required Skills
  • Skill in typing use of computer for word processing, use of varies MICROSOFT programs, database management for monitoring, and graphics software for designing audio-visual training aides is required. A qualified typist is required.
  • High school diploma or GED certificate.
  • Skill in operating computer terminals, scanners, copiers, printers, fax machines, and email in a work processing/data transcription mode. Knowledge of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formats.
  • Knowledge in correspondence handling procedures.
  • Possess one year of experience in a field requiring regular usage of medical terminology or successful completion of a medical terminology course.
  • One year experience in medical general office environment required.
  • Ability to read, speak, write and understand the English language fluently.
  • Experience in a healthcare facility.
  • Ability to provide information and assistance to eligible beneficiaries based on personal, written or telephone inquiries.
  • Ability to provide information and assistance to medical boards patients, providers, commands and limited duty coordinators based on personal, written or telephone inquiries.
  • Knowledge of Composite Healthcare System (CHCS).
  • Thorough knowledge of Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act restrictions as they relate to medical records and documents for military service family members.
  • Please note that pursuant to a government contract, this position requires U.S. Citizenship status and have a favorably completed National Agency Check and Local Check (NACLC).

Required Experience
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