Shipping Clerk

Precision Castparts Corp. - Gardena, CA

Job ID: 23972 Req ID: 175638.5 Job Type: Full-time Date Posted: 2019-12-02 20:09:30


To prepare castings for shipment to customers and assure that quantities, part numbers, piece counts, serial numbers and all necessary inspection documents, test bars, x-ray films, packing slips, etc. are correct and complete per PCC and customer specifications.


1. Verification.

Objective: to check documentation and parts before packaging.

Typical Activities:

A. Checks and verifies that all necessary paperwork is correct and complete.
B. Checks and verifies that all accompanying documentation is complete, including inspection documents, test bars, and x-ray films.
C. Verifies that contents of shipments are correct and complete per shipping and inspection documents which accompany castings; checks quantities, serial numbers, etc.

2. Packaging and Shipping.

Objective: to package castings and ship per customer specifications; to complete miscellaneous shipping/mailing requests from other departments.

Typical Activities:

A. Packages castings per customer specifications, to prevent damage during shipment; uses appropriate packing materials, and determines best packing methods.
B. Assembles or constructs wooden crates for shipments.
C. Completes packing slips, bills of lading, air bills, etc.
D. Builds loads; combines shipments going to customers.
E. Stages and warehouses orders awaiting shipment; organizes shipment area; operates forklift to move parts.
F. Assures that all documentation and packing slips accompany shipments.
G. Notifies carriers for shipment pickups; arranges for rush shipments and special shipping arrangements when needed.
H. Loads and unloads trailers.
I. Ships parts to vendors as requested; mails items via UPS and overnight mail as requested, completing all necessary paperwork.

3. Safety.

Objective: to take responsibility for and demonstrate safe work practices.

Typical Activities:

A. Adheres to plant and department safety rules.
B. Safely operates all equipment and tools.
C. Identifies and reports safety problems.

4. Maintains clean and orderly work area.

5. Performs other tasks as directed.


1. Training is provided on the job.

2. PCC's Forklift Driving Safety Certification must be completed.

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