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VALI Tier 2 provides support to the VA?s Learning Management System (LMS) application, known as the Talent Management System (TMS). This position is responsible for resolving tickets escalated to the VALI Tier 2 Team from the VA TMS Learning Administrators, VA?s ESD, and working closely with other VALI-supported help desks. Customer Service Technicians are the primary system administrator for the TMS. Assist with user acceptance testing (UAT) of all system updates, upgrades, integrated tools, and other software integrated with the TMS. This position provides TMS administration support, and technical set up of system functionality. This is a full-time position located in St. Louis, Missouri. Veterans are encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities/ Duties:

  • Application issue resolution: When an application problem occurs Customer Service Technician will analyze how many users are affected, when the issue started, and attempt to reproduce the issue to identify the cause. This data will be documented and escalated to the appropriate Tier 3 application owner. Will track issues, test fixes, and communicate with Tier 3 personnel until the issue is resolved.
  • Participation in Daily Calls: Participate in daily operation calls with all Stakeholders (HCSC, SAP, and Operations.) During these calls, we will review any high-profile issues that have been reported, future updates, and notify stakeholders of any new issues found that need to be addressed.
  • TMS Administrator Lookup: Customer Service Technician will work with the TMS Local Admin Interactive tool, which is used by Administrators, Users, and ESD to identify the correct POC for each domain. We will maintain the accuracy of the POC?s for each of the 700+ domains. Each domain is required to have a minimum of two POC?s.
  • Reports, certificate of training: Tier 2 Customer Service Technician will provide support to TMS administrators who require assistance obtaining reports from TMS.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT), identifying fixes or upgrade verification: Tier 2 Customer Service Technician will participate in the testing of software upgrades to ensure that changes have not adversely affected the application. Testing scripts will be provided to Tier 2 Customer Service Technician for different areas of the application. Each script can take up to 6-to-12 hours to complete. Tier 2 Customer Service Technician will also perform a smoke test of the entire system and collaborate for 508 compliance testing. UAT testing has typically been conducted via a live meeting with all stakeholders that is scheduled for 6 hours over 4-to-5 consecutive days.
  • VA TMS course testing: Tier 2 Customer Service Technician will take part in reviewing, testing, and providing feedback for high profile courses that are updated annually prior to release.
  • VALI-supported application: Tier 2 Customer Service Technician will support TMS administrators who need assistance with TMS Administrator access or Profile Maintenance access.
  • Troubleshooting PC setup, browser optimization: Tier 2 Customer Service Technician attempt to determine browser and PC settings, as well as network issues that affect course delivery. Utilize VA-approved Microsoft Teams as a remote technology to diagnose and troubleshoot settings that may be causing issues.
  • Identify database repair or related issues: Customer Service Technician are tasked to locate items that may negatively affect the system, such as malfunctions/bugs. Customer Service Technician proactively check different functions in the applications by setting up triggers to send alerts and report our findings if the task or functionality is not performing properly. When problems are identified, we will document the steps taken to describe the issue, identify the part of system affected, and provide a workaround, if one is available. This information will be escalated to the appropriate resources, such as the Talent Management System Operations and Maintenance Manager. Issues will also be discussed in the daily meeting with SAP vendor and VALI Core team.
  • VA Single Sign-On (SSOi): Customer Service Technician will troubleshoot technical issues that TMS users encounter while using the SSOi centralized logon interface for access to TMS.
  • Track efforts escalated to Tier 2 using the ServiceNow (SNOW) Help Desk ticket application: Customer Service Technician use the SNOW system in synchronization with the ESD. Customer Service Technician will utilize the ticket system to track ticket statuses from inception at ESD Tier 1 to resolution and closure by our Tier 2 Customer Service Technician.
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