Scheduling Coordinator

Center for Human Services - Sedalia, MO 65301

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Scheduling Coordinator


Sedalia, MO

On a daily basis, develops training schedules for the Community Living staff, staffing schedules for all homes, and ISL’s.

Bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) in a related field from an accredited university or combination of education and experience to equal four years. Experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities in community-based services is preferred. Previous scheduling experience is preferred.

The essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

    • Build a knowledgeable group of CHS and community leaders committed to promoting opportunities for people with disabilities to successfully participate in our communities.
      • CHS Culture is supportive of innovative learning, leadership, and collaboration.
        • Presents a positive attitude and demeanor when working with staff.
        • Actively works with staff to “problem-solve” issues or concerns as they arise.
        • Interacts with staff, agencies, parents or guardians, and providers in a manner that promotes the highest level of professionalism and teamwork.
        • Responds immediately (no later than 24 hours after received) in a professional manner to phone calls and e-mails from parents or guardians, families, staff, individuals served, Service Coordinators, or other agency personnel.
        • Maintains regular, effective communication with team members.
        • Projects a positive image of the Center for Human Services and the management and administration to staff, families, individuals served, and other community members.
        • Accepts and willingly carries out special assignments as directed by the Program Manager or Program Director.
      • CHS develops depth in leadership throughout the agency and the community.
        • Attends all administrative staff meetings (joint staff, supervisory team meetings, meetings with Program Manager or Program Director).
        • Keeps Program Manager or Program Director informed of developments, problems, personnel concerns, and other program individual issues.
        • Determines when independent action is appropriate and when consultation with Program Manager or Program Director is appropriate before taking action.
      • Continue to build upon our reputation as a nationally-accredited, state-wide leader in the provision of residential services.
        • Community Living staff are valued, competent, and have the support needed in order to be successful in their jobs.
          • Consults the ISP training records for the home prior to scheduling staff to work shifts.
          • Develops accurate and complete work schedules for each facility each month and ensures schedules are distributed to every employee who is scheduled to work before the new work month begins. Ensures any revisions to the schedule are distributed to all staff, and staff pager book when changes are made in the submitted schedule. Ensures any revisions to the schedule are updated on the S:/ drive.
          • Works with Program Manager to facilitate the development of all Community Living staff to their fullest potential.
          • Develops accurate and complete work schedules each month and ensures schedules are distributed to every employee while in their introductory period. Ensures any revisions to the schedule are distributed to all staff and are posted on the S:/ drive.
          • Ensures pager book contains current schedules, phone lists, and other necessary information at all times.
          • Ensures confidentiality of personnel issues.
          • Ensures staff does not work unauthorized hours.
        • Community Living facilities are safe, attractive, and well-maintained.
        • Individuals of Community Living programs will have valued roles in our communities.
          • May be required to work shifts in homes to ensure required staffing ratios and individuals served needs are met.
          • Advises Community Living RN of program individuals’ medical issues.
          • May be assigned to work at other work locations based on staffing and individuals served needs.
          • Administers prescriptions and PRN medications as prescribed by a physician. Responsible for being aware of medication side effects and adverse reactions and monitoring each program individually for such side effects and reactions. Responsible for keeping physicians informed of changes in the behavior of any other factors which might constitute a need for an adjustment in dosage or type of medication.
          • Respect the rights of all individuals served.
          • Attends individuals served ISP meetings if requested by Program Manager, or Program Director
          • Responsible for taking calls from staff calling in for shift Monday-Friday from 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. and finding the appropriate coverage.
          • Carries the on-call emergency pager, as directed by the Program Manager. Responds immediately to requests for assistance. Maintains an accurate pager log of the calls received while carrying the pager. Responsible for reporting major concerns or incidents to the Program Manager or Program Director, immediately (any hospitalizations, motor vehicle accidents, or incidents requiring authorities to be contacted require contacting Program Manager and Program Director).
        • Community Living programs meet or exceed all accreditation and regulatory requirements.
          • Responsible for completing service notes at the time of service delivery.
          • Keeps abreast of current CARF standards and Medicaid Waiver Regulations and ensures these standards are met as it pertains to the employees supervised.
        • Continue to build a nationally recognized and accredited, innovative regional agency.
          • CHS policy, procedure, practice, the structure is aligned with the agency's mission, vision, and values.
            • Responsible for maintaining current knowledge of and following CHS policies and procedures.
            • Seeks Program Manager or Program Director approval before scheduling any service hours outside the regular staffing pattern.
            • Must be screened for TB by CHS Nurse or Primary Care Physician prior to start.
            • Responsible for monitoring sick leave, vacation time, and holiday leave for staff supervised and addressing concerns promptly. Ensures Family and Medical Leave of Absence paperwork is completed when necessary.
            • Completes the Event Reports (ER) accurately and completely within the timeframe established by policy.
            • Utilizes the UKG system to clock in and out and transfer time correctly. If errors happen employees are required to utilize the “Time Change Request” option in UKG to request corrections to their punch or time-off entries. Notifies supervisor in writing when unable to utilize the system.
            • Staff will understand and appropriately respond to the unique combination of cultural variables through an ongoing emphasis on Cultural Competency and training as defined by the CHS Cultural Competency plan.


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