Freelance Writer

Popdust - New York, NY 10011 (Flatiron District area)

Popdust, Inc. is seeking freelance writers to craft one to two excellent articles per week for any of our seven affiliate websites. You’ll be responsible for coming up with your own topics, creating your own schedule, and uploading articles to our CMS. Payment is generally $50 for a 500-800-word article and $75 for a 900+ word article. Applications will be considered through March.


Your application must include a cover letter and a link to at least two writing samples.

In your cover letter, let us know which sites you’d be interested in writing for, and feel free to attach some brief pitches for articles you’d be passionate about writing.


We are committed to hiring writers from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Previous writing experience and SEO knowledge preferred, along with a sense of humor (our Slack channel gets pretty weird), strong grammar skills, and a unique creative voice. Good writing is mandatory; anticapitalist ethos is ideal.


X2.Media is the digital content publishing division of tech startup incubator, Gramercy Labs, home to renowned companies like and Geistm. Our mission is to provide our readership of nearly 5 million people per month with engaging, high-quality editorial on a diverse range of subjects; from entertainment and pop culture to civil liberties and politics, travel, finance, and wellness.


Popdust: Popdust is an entertainment website with 50K Twitter subscribers and a deep, sometimes destructive love for weird, niche Internet culture. We write about music, television, memes, the merits and dangers of cancel culture, and the like. We often enrage toxic fanbases. We’re seeking people with strong opinions and knowledge about specific cultural niches, music fanbases, and the like.

FindKarma: FindKarma is a new site about wellness and alternative medicine. Our focus is CBD, but we’re looking for articles about sound baths, the wellness industrial complex, the latest weird facewash you’re obsessed with, and everything in between.

P*aypath*: Paypath is a website about finance and money, particularly from a millennial perspective. We’re looking for writers who can craft clear, click-worthy content about spending, credit cards, and everything in between. Practical advice about money, lamentations about millennial debt, stories about talking candidly with your partner about student debt, inspirational business advice and more are all fair game. Some experience writing about finance is preferred.

Trueself: Trueself is a website about health—mental health, physical health, the seasons, women’s issues, and more. We’re looking for self-care routine tips, advice for handling mental health, and everything in between.

Journiest: Journiest is a travel website. We’re looking for articles about food, drinks, unique travel experiences, travel tips, and weird off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Liberty Project: The Liberty Project is about why politics matter to millennials–and everyone else who lives on this dying planet–and today’s activism.Topics include activism, environmental issues, politics, technology, culture, and society. We’re looking for op-eds, advice for people looking to get involved in politics or activism, profiles of radical activists, and evergreen pieces about any of these issues.

Topdust: From all-natural and eco products to the latest health craze, we find the right products and brands for every lifestyle. In the age of online shopping and limitless options, you can trust Topdust to tell you what’s worth your money. We offer all the top recommendations in clothing, appliances, home decor, beauty products, technology, accessories, cleaning, pet products and more.

Once again: please include a cover letter and links to two writing samples in your response.

We look forward to reading your application!


The Popdust, Inc. Team

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $8,000.00 to $15,000.00 /year


  • freelance writing: 1 year (Preferred)

Contract Renewal:

  • Likely

Full Time Opportunity:

  • No

Additional Compensation:

  • Other forms

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote


  • Flexible schedule

This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Innovative -- innovative and risk-taking
  • People-oriented -- supportive and fairness-focused
  • Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative


  • On call
  • Other
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